About Us


My name is Athena LeBon, the Founder/CEO of Rockstar Spray Tans and Sun Zero Solutions.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine myself owning a spray tanning business or developing my own line of sunless solutions………but here I am, and I LOVE my job!  Prior to starting Rockstar Spray Tans, I was in the Information Technology field for about 12 years (Yes, I was a computer geek).  In 2007, I became a Stay at Home Mom, and I am now blessed with 2  little boys!  Prior to my first spray tan, I was a “lather me up with baby oil”, sun worshiper, and only wore the minimum or no sunscreen.  I would also use the tanning beds before vacation, or to get my base tan for the summer.  In 2009 before I went on vacation, I decided to try a spray tan.  I was terrified of turning orange, smelling icky, and the general awkwardness of having someone see all of my flaws up close and personal.  I was shocked after my spray tan that I actually looked tan, it wasn’t orange and there was NO damage to my skin.  I am VERY impulsive at times and decided quickly that I needed to buy myself the equipment and solution so my sister and I could learn to spray each other.  Once the equipment arrived, I invited my Sister and my BF over to let me try to test it out on them.  Let’s just say,  I am blessed they both still speak to me after I finished their tans.  I had absolutely no clue what I was doing or how to use my machine and they looked horrible.  I decided I should probably get trained on how to apply a spray tan since I made such a big investment in my equipment, and I really wanted to be able to get a spray tan whenever I wanted one.  After getting trained and certified, my little business mind starting spinning, and I felt like I had a secret that I had to share with the rest of the world.  I felt a strong passion to spread the word that spray tanning is SAFE, SMART, & SEXY.  I soon started spray tanning friends, family and friends of friends out of my home. My business quickly grew and it was no longer an option to bring strangers in and out of my home.  I was blessed to meet Margaret Kemble, the Owner of Bare Necessities Laser Clinic who had a room for rent and coincidentally went to high school with my Mother.  In 2009 Rockstar Spray Tans, LLC was formed by my husband, Tom LeBon and I.  My husband is a Co-Founder of Xingtea (www.xingicedtea.com), and has built a brand now distributed in 47 states, and internationally in the Cayman Islands.  It is with his knowledge, help, and support, that I now have my own registered trademark and  brand of sunless products “Sun Zero Solutions – Tan Like a Rockstar”.  I am committed to saving and changing lives one spray tan at a time.  I am passionate about educating all generations, especially our youth that it is possible to achieve that beautiful bronze tan without damaging your skin.  Happy Tanning!